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Check-In Instruction

1 Our Address is: “Via Luigi Alamanni 21, 50123 Firenze”. You’ll find us in the corner next to Bar Arcobaleno. The image below highlight our entry gate.

2 You’ll find your key in the mail box, if there’s more than one, pay attention to take the right one (I’m gonna tell you the color and the number you’ll find written on the tag)


Open the gate with one of the big keys, play a bit with the lock if it doesn’t open at first (turn the key clockwise)…. Worst case scenario, insert the key from the inside side of the gate and it will open promptly

4 Use the shortest key you have to open the glass door and enter the building

5 Take the lift and go to the floor we’re gonna mail/message you (either 2 or 3)

6 Apartment number is written above the door, use it to identify your one.


Apartment number 5 opens putting the Blue Tag close to the Electronic Key Pad.


Apartment number 7 opens using the key

7 Once inside, enter the room we’ll message/mail you, you’ll find the room number written on the door.